Providence River Pedestrian Bridge

The design for LandBridge receives its nickname from the simple strategy that this civic amenity can be both a park and bridge, simultaneously stretching an ecological corridor across the river, connecting previously isolated neighborhoods, and maximizing public access to useful green space. Building upon the long Providence tradition of creating accessible waterfronts, the project optimizes the structural capacity of the existing highway piers, and incorporates the existing and planned adjacent parks and riverwalks, intentionally blurring the distinction between park and bridge to offer a memorable urban oasis that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The LandBridge weaves together the emerging Knowledge District with Fox Point, College Hill and Downtown, while establishing a clear urban identity in both form and program. No longer two separate park systems on either side of the river, but rather a single expansive and ecologically rich urban playground that is open to use, pleasure and transformation over time.

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