Macarthur Square

The MacArthur square Project is one part of a master planning initiative to revitalize the civic area around the Milwaukee county court house. The master plan includes a variety of building types and usages as well as a reintegration of the street grid into the area. The master plan looks to re adapt and create uses for the public plaza and outdoor spaces that currently have poor accessibility and are too large to function as they should.

This proposal, for a hybrid building at the corner of Wells and 9th, introduces new strategies for circulation and program as antidotes to the inherent difficulties of the site. The project envisions a sectional re-interpretation of the pedestrian connections amidst subterranean parking, MacArthur Square, Wells Street, and a new housing block rising above the site. The resulting hybrid landscape weaves through an unconventional mix of uses: parking, outdoor spaces, athletic facilities, theatres, housing. These program elements actively respond to the necessity for parking, while offering a revitalized pedestrian landscape.

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