Hillel Sukkah

Serving the Hillel Student Center this temporary structure will be used to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkot which takes place during harvest season for seven days. Sukkot commemorates how protective "Clouds of Glory" surrounded the Jewish people after leaving Egypt during the forty years of wandering in the desert. It also commemorates how the Jews lived in temporary dwellings during that same time. This outdoor structure, known as the Sukkah, will perform much like the adjacent Hillel Student Center Building, acting as a dwelling space for social gathering, communal dining, academic presentation and study, informal relaxation, and occasionally sleeping.

The essence of a Sukkah is that it be a "temporary" structure. While also responding to multiple parameters of Jewish Religious Law this Sukkah was designed to express this temporariness. The temporariness of the structure can be interpreted through its simplicity of assembly. The structure consists of 14 pine moment frames made to collapse and stored in a 2-1/2 x 11 x 10 foot space when not celebrating Sukkot. Two frames are connected by door hinges which when spread apart allow the pair to stand as a tripod. The structure continues with the next pair of frames being connected to the previous pair via a lift-off hinge. This continues to the point where the structure folds into itself creating the entry of the Sukkah. The accordion like structure is stabilized by both bottom/top rails and the Tyvek skin which weaves in and out of the structure. The Sechach, or roof covering, made of only organic material, is the primary and final element of the Sukkah.

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