Friends of the Hank Aaron State Trail

Conceived as part of an urban revitalization project, the Hank Aaron State Trail (H.A.S.T.) is a new bicycle and pedestrian route through the Menomonee Valley. Simultaneously traversing culture and entertainment, nature and recreation, industry and infrastructure, the trail offers the visitor a unique perspective of Milwaukee’s post-industrial identity.

In conjunction with the goal of developing the trail as a destination corridor through the valley, Friends of the Hank Aaron State Trail has commissioned a master plan to lay the groundwork for the placement of public art along the trail. The master plan identifies sites with optimal potential for situating art. The plan explores how public art can surpass familiar conventions and reinforce the identity of the trail and its surroundings. Similarly, the H.A.S.T. plan enables the trail to become an amalgamation of natural, urban, and cultural experiences that furthers the visitors’ understanding of both art and the city.

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